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Personality- Gifts and Healing Energies from the 118 Atomic Elements

The Atomic Messages are all around us—
they are even within us!

  • Discover which Elements’ Personality-Gifts you are expressing in your personality...
  • How the Atomic Messages can help you more fully develop your own innate potentials…
  • Learn how the Atomic Messages can help us with Healing and Transformation
  • And how the Elements’ Personality-Gifts and Healing Energies can teach us Hope, Love, and Compassion.

Each of the 118 Elements brings its own unique combination of Personality-Gifts and Healing Energies to humanity. AMF’s work has now made the following resources available, so people can consciously connect to and interact with the Elements' gifts:

  • An in-depth Personality-Profile for each Element—these detailed Profiles describe the unique Personality-Gift that each Element brings.
  • An Atomic Archetype—a brief, colorful phrase that quickly and easily helps us recognize each Element’s unique Personality-Gift in other people, or in ourselves.
  • A Lesson for humanity—an Element's "Atomic Message." Each Element’s unique Lesson (Atomic Message) shows us how we can more fully express that Element’s Personality-Gift in our lives, and can help us transform and heal that Element’s Imbalances.  
  • A set of Affirmations for each Element, that can help transform its Imbalances and can strengthen our expression of that Element’s positive potential in ourselves.

Through these and other resources, the Atomic Messages Foundation offers a variety of methods through which you can consciously connect to the Elements’ Personality-Gifts and Healing Energies, so you can better understand or even transform your own life; or help others develop and grow.

(A reminder:   “Elements” can also refer to the “4 elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.”   This website is not about those “4 elements.”   It is about the deeper meanings of the 118 atomic elements, which scientists arrange in the “Periodic Table of the Elements.”)

Positive Gifts and Imbalances

We human beings can express the Personality-Gifts of various Elements in our own human personalities!

The Elements’ energetic Atomic Personality Patterns bring us many different positive human qualities. Each Element’s Personality-Gift vibrates its own unique personality trait, such as Love, Compassion, Creativity, Integrity, Courage, Forgiveness, Purposefulness, Peacefulness, etc. Each Element’s Personality-Gift offers us new abilities and potentials that we might not have imagined were possible.

AMF also discovered that each Element’s Personality-Gift can be expressed in a distorted form—what AMF calls an Element’s Imbalances. These Element-Imbalances are expressed as harmful human characteristics and behaviors, such as Greed, Envy, Dishonesty, Paralyzing Fear, Abuse, Destructive Anger and Violence, etc.

Other spiritual writers and healers have described these distorted characteristics as “negative energies,” our “shadow side,” or as “symptoms” or “weaknesses” that need to be healed.   AMF prefers to call these distorted personality characteristics “Imbalances,” because this reminds us that anything which has gotten out of balance can be restored back to balance—can be healed and transformed.

AMF discovered that each person carries the Personality-Gifts of 8 different Elements in your Core-Personality (that is, each person has 8 innate Elements’ personality characteristics given to us to develop and express.) These will be different for each individual. Each of us also faces the innate challenges of 8 specific Element-Imbalances.


The Atomic Messages Foundation offers a variety of resources through which you can communicate with the Elements’ Personality-Gifts so you can better understand, or even transform your own life. You can also connect to the Elements’ Personality-Gifts to help others develop and grow.

AMF discovered that each Element’s unique vibrations can heal and transform its own specific Imbalances.

Because each Element brings its own Lesson for humanity, you can use these Lessons, and the Affirmations for each Element, to help transform an Element's Imbalances, or to strengthen your expression of that Element’s positive potential in yourself.

You can learn more the Elements’ Personality-Gifts, Atomic Messages, and how you can use them in your life, through our new book, “The Atomic Messages of Peace, Love, and Healing, ” or in our Classes and Workshops. (See ACTIVITIES and PUBLICATIONS.)