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In February 2003, Barbara Allys received the insight that each of the 118 Atomic Elements has a deeper meaning; each Element brings its own unique Personality-Gift and Healing Energies to humanity; and each Element’s Atomic Personality Patterns can be described in words (“Atomic Messages”) to help people more easily connect to and use these Personality-Gifts and Healing Energies in our daily lives.

(Note:   “Elements” can also refer to the “4 elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.”   However, this website is not about those “4 elements.”   It is about the spiritual meanings of the 118 atomic elements which scientists arrange in the “Periodic Table of the Elements.”)

In order to bring these insights into the world, Barbara worked with a group of Boston-area psychics and energy healers to establish The Open Table Foundation (TOTF) (our original name--now changed to the Atomic Messages Foundation). Our goal was to communicate with the energetic patterns of each Atomic Element in order to understand and verbalize each Element’s unique Personality-Gift and Healing Energies for humanity.

Over the next few years, members of TOTF psychically tuned-in to and interviewed each Element; learned how each Element’s Atomic Personality Pattern is expressed in our human personalities; how we often express these personality characteristics in a distorted, or Imbalanced way; how the Elements’ Personality-Gifts and Lessons for humanity (Atomic Messages) can help us heal and transform ourselves and more fully develop our innate potentials; and how we can use these gifts for ourselves, or to help other people. TOTF also discovered how the Atomic Messages can give us spiritual guidance; help us interpret the deeper spiritual meanings of historical and current events; and have many other exciting applications.

As members of TOTF shared this new information through public presentations (such as at the Boston Theosophical Society and the American Society of Dowsers), we received enthusiastic responses to this work, and gained additional insights for how to use and present this material.

In 2014, we changed our name to the Atomic Messages Foundation, to more widely publicize the deeper meanings and Healing Energies of the 118 Atomic Elements, by developing educational programs, publications and other activities through which people can consciously interact with the Elements’ Personality-Gifts and Healing Energies. With the publication of our new book “The Atomic Messages of Peace, Love, and Healing” and the creation of our Element-Cards, the Atomic Messages Foundation now offers a variety of resources to make these wonderful energetic gifts available to you!

Colleagues of the Atomic Messages Foundation
These are some of the people who helped bring this information
into the world.

Barbara Allys Brandt is an environmental and social change activist, author, international speaker, and energy healer from the Boston area, who founded and coordinates the Atomic Messages Foundation.  Barbara was recognized by both the Governor of Massachusetts and the Boston Globe for her leadership in renewable energy for organizing the Urban Solar Energy Association; has given keynote presentations and workshops about spirituality and social change in Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, and throughout the U.S.; is the author of Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life (New Society Publishers, 1995); and a contributor to Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America (Berrett-Koehler, 2003), and Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts of Women in SNCC (U. Illinois Press, 2010). Barbara Allys is also an innovator in Women's Spirituality and a teacher of Women's Sacred Dance. She has studied energy-healing techniques with Dr. Kam Yuen and Kate Rafferty. In 2003, after receiving the insight that each of the 118 Elements in the Periodic Table brings its own unique Personality-Gift and Healing Energy, she organized The Open Table Foundation, whose members psychically tuned into each Element to access this information. In 2014, Barbara Allys established the Atomic Messages Foundation and (with much human and spiritual assistance) wrote "The Atomic Messages of Peace, Love, and Healing" (see PUBLICATIONS page) She has presented workshops on the Atomic Messages at the Boston Theosophical Society, American Society of Dowsers national conferences, and in other venues.

Walter Ness is a psychic clairvoyant and a popular teacher of energy-awareness techniques in the Boston area. He did the initial tunings-in to each of the 118 Elements to help us understand their Personality-Gifts. (see www.walterness.com) (We also thank Walter's energy students, who provided additional information.)   Walter is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and the writer/producer of humorous theatrical presentations (see www.EnergyTheater.com) .

Linda Clave is an energy healer and dowser whose psychic "tuning in" and larger spiritual perspectives helped significantly with the Atomic Messages project. Linda is also a prolific visual artist whose amazing visionary paintings evoke shifts in eneergy awareness in the viewers. See her artwork at www.LindaClaveArts.com .

Herb Pearce is a gifted intuitive whose rich and deeply perceptive tunings-in to the Elements added greatly to our understanding of their Personality-Gifts. With an M.Ed. in Counseling, Herb is also a relationship coach and therapist who specializes in using the Enneagram personality system. He has worked with hundreds of individuals, couples and families using the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs. Author of 5 books, including 3 on the Enneagram, Herb teaches Enneagram workshops publicly and to groups, companies and organizations throughout New England. He uses intuition, humor, and gentle but direct feedback to help you see the truth more deeply and find ways to develop yourself, bridge conflicts and expand and also free yourself from the constraints of the personality and ego.  You can contact him at www.herbpearce.com, 781-648- 3737, herb@herbpearce.com.