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"Science and Spirituality in the Elements of the Periodic Table:
The Elements' Deeper Meanings for our LIves

(a 9-page article available for free by clicking on the attached PDF)

"Homeopathy, Element-Remedies, and the Atomic Messages: How a client's healing experience opened up a new field of knowledge"

(another 7-page article availble for free by clicking on the attached PDF)


“The Atomic Messages of Peace, Love, and Healing:
How the Energy Patterns from the 118 Elements in the Periodic Table influence our behavior, expand our potentials, and bring new possibilities for Hope, Change, and Spiritual Growth."
(a 145-page Book)

A basic introduction to the energetic Personality-Gifts from the 118 elements and how we can consciously interact with them; how the elements' Personality-Gifts influence us as individuals, and their larger meanings for this Time of Transformation that humanity is now going through. Provides detailed Personality-Profiles, Atomic Messages, Imbalances, and Affirmations for the first 75 Elements in the Periodic Table, explains how to do Element Personality-Readings and Guidance-Readings, and includes a deck of 75 Element-Cards.
      $ 25.00
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The 43 Off-the-Chart Elements:  The deeper meanings of the Lanthanides, Actinides, and Trans-Uranium elements, and how to interact with their spiritual energies and Personality-Gifts.” (a 55-page Book)

Discusses the Personality-Gifts and special spiritual meanings of the 43 Lanthanides, Actinides, and Trans-Uranium elements; the differences between naturally-occurring and man-made elements; the spiritual meaning of radiaoactivity; the special spiritual meanings of these 43 elements for our tumultuous times; Personality-Profiles for these 43 Elements;and how to do Element-Readings with all 118 elements.
          $ 10.00
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